domenica 15 maggio 2011

The Fashion Blogger Evolution

 Goal of this blog is to become a ridiculously successful fashion blogger. I give myself one year to start getting American Apparel ads on the sides ( and yes, American Apparel will still be in business. They're just crying wolf so you feel sorry for them and go buy a zipper hoodie.)
After many Sunday mornings of research, I figure that one year is what it takes to the average fashion blogger to get a paid trip to Coachella. Here is the typical blogger evolution in 2 steps.

Beginning: photo of a hipster girl with floral outfit/mustard shorts/hasidic hat. The caption will say something like "In this photo i’m wearing ring from a yard sale, shoes from craigslist, Target dress via thrift store, a necklace I picked up on the curb, jacket from the $1 bin at Salvation Army. Thrifting is a lot of fun and I love the hunt for a unique treasure. So much cooler than wearing a runway look head to toe!"
One year later.

Photo of brand new shoes sitting on a shoebox, next to a paper invitation. Caption: "I would like to thank the girls at rag and bone for sending me a free package with a jacket, pants, platform shoes and year long supply of silk t shirts. Shooting your campaign at the Maldives was so much fun! And to thank all my followers, I will share the goodies with you! all you have to do is leave a 1500 words comment including at least 3 items you have seen on the site and why you like them, plus you share the link on facebook, twitter, myspace, LinkedIn and your laundromat's cork board, and I will randomly select the lucky winner of a fabulous key ring.
Now I’m off to the Balenciaga show."

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