sabato 14 maggio 2011


the first summer i visited New York I thought: “oh, look at that girl with that dress touching the ground! That’s cool. “
“Oh, another one. Or 2. Actually, 6.”
“Ok, I get it, it’s this year’s trend”

Only, it wasn’t 2009’s trend. Here, it’s a summer staple, just like.. flip flops? well, flip flop season is more a march-november thing, like those vegetables in the season chart that have an x on almost all months: carrots, lettuce. There might still be a foot of snow on the curb, but if the calendar says March all the stores put up their maxi dresses, together with stray hats and golden sandals.
The first year I was attracted to this novelty of the maxi dress. If done right it can look elegant and it can be a solution for when you didn’t shave your legs but it’s too hot for jeans.
But a quick survey with the boys revealed that the male population is against the maxi dress. After they’ve been waiting all winter to see our legs, it’s a huge bummer when summer comes and we hide them under a paisley couch cover.
So I opted out of the maxi dress forever. I am still tempted when i see them hanging in stores, but I always try to remind myself that I don’t look good in one anyway. Cover my awesome marble legs while exposing my pudding arms? No, thanks. Also, the skirt is so long that stores have to hang them really high so it doesn’t sweep the floor. So even if I give in and decide to try one on, it invariably is placed too high for me. It works like a reminder that if I can’t reach it, I shouldn’t wear it, like those signs at theme parks with a dragon holding his arm out, if you’re shorter than this you’re not allowed on this ride.

of course, if I could look THIS cool with a maxidress, i would buy one in every color.

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