domenica 20 marzo 2011

On the beauty of fashion models

Yes and Yes is one of my favorite reads. However, a few weeks ago I read this post

yes and yes: What You See is Not What You Get (Or: Notes From a Photo Shoot)

and I'm sorry but I have to disagree. I have worked with fashion models in Milan, organizing photo shoots for an e-commerce website. And I have some news: models are stunning! And if you think about it, it makes sense: I suspect that's why they work as professional models and you and I don't ( but if you do, good for you).
It's true, the make up artist would spend a couple of hours on them, and there was a good amount of retouching on the pictures (even models can get a pimple, a bruise on their knee, or have asymmetrical hips) but the base of everything always had to be an exceptionally good looking lady. I have seen them before and after and I assure you they were gorgeous and head-turning even without the help of any artist.
Sure, they can have their own strengths and weaknesses: I remember a girl with big brown eyes and adorable freckles, that our photographer did not cast because we needed a bikini shot and her body was less than sculpted; the following month her face was all over the subway on a big campaign.
I can see the good intention in denying that models in magazines actually look better than the rest of us; it can help us accept ourselves and our flaws. But it would probably be more honest to just accept that some women are more beautiful than us. Some are going to be smarter than us, funnier, or, God forbid! even all of the above. So what? That's life. Let's face it and then move on.

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